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Unbound Digital Services

Engaging Web Design

Responsive website design molded to create TRUST, a key ingredient providing the engagement required for success.

Mobile First

Every website or mobile app is designed with mobile first engagement. Our technical architecture is designed following popular patterns.

Blockchain Technology

The first to use blockchain technology to protect your most important asset, your data and database. It’s the ultimate protection.


Compelling design permeated with TRUST means your prospects follow with confidence through an organic eCommerce experience.

Cumulative Advantage Marketing

A complete marketing system that follows the laws of nature creating a cumulative advantage in your market. You know it as the “Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer”

Standard, Custom and Complex

Our passion is designing technology others won’t do and we have standard pricing too, as if it were custom designed.

Online Privacy and Invisibility

Caspertown and ClubCasper provide a network that is immutable and totally private which makes your work invisible to the online world.

Private Worldwide Network

Caspertown and ClubCasper operate on a total private world wide network solely owned and used by the Bluesgrid and our clients. It’s 100% hacker free.

Universal Searchable Identity (USI)

Bluesgridnet is the worldwide network of nodes that employs distributed ledger technology, a new Blockchain technology called Linkornot.


Our Team


Victor Miller

Victor is co-founder of Crypto Capital blandit magna vitae ante finibus congue id sed enim. Proin non leo accumsan sem venenatis auctor. Morbi quis turpis fringilla, suscipit elit quis, facilisis nisl.


Bradford Chandler

Bradford has gained extended experience in ec orci sed justo blandit pharetra nec id urna. Maecenas ac velit vitae est ullamcorper tempus. Nam consectetur quis ipsum eu venenatis.


Chelsea Hansen

Chelsea has been working vestibulum efficitur diam vehicula. Nam ut fringilla leo, sed aliquam sapien. Integer pharetra blandit enim sed egestas. Aenean sagittis eleifend justo eu, feugiat arcu.